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Preventing Bees, Wasps, and Mud Daubers in HVAC


Bees, wasps, and mud daubers love to show up in the least convenient of places. Often times, this can be in the vents of an HVAC system connected to your home or RV. Once these pests have put down their “home sweet home” mat it is difficult to get them out. Instead, here are some preventative measures that you can take to keep the bees, wasps, and mud daubers elsewhere.

Insects can easily get into the furnace or HVAC of a camper because of the openings. It is crucial that you purchase a screen to cover these opening. Nobody wants to turn on the fan and have angry bees shoot out!

If you’re looking to deter wasps from setting up shop near your home, consider a fake wasp nest. Wasps are extremely territorial and will seek shelter elsewhere if they see a nest nearby.

A simple trap can be made using a two-liter bottle. Cut the top of the bottle off, take the top and place it upside down in the bottle creating a funnel. Fill the bottle with soda, and the bees will fly in, become trapped, and drown in the soda.

If you choose to use insect killer, we recommend doing so at night when the pests are sleeping. If you are allergic, seek the help of a friend or family member just in case. If you are allergic and are stung by any sort of bee, wasp, or mud dauber call 911 and administer an epipen.

If you notice a nest on your property, have it removed as quick as possible. A single queen can lay up to 100 eggs a day and a single hive can house 10,000 wasps. Wasps are particularly dangerous in the fall months when they are desperate for sugar. Do not swat at a wasp! You risk being stung and the wasps emit a pheromone signifying danger. This will attract other wasps, and they won’t be happy to see you.

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