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Parsons Company Comparison

  • All school trained and nationally certified service technicians. We use proper troubleshooting and repair techniques to save you time, money and energy.  We fix it right the first time
  • State Licensed Mechanical Contractor. This ensures the contractor is licensed by the sate of Texas and has been trained to perform HVAC/R work and pull permits.  We are registered contractors in Abilene, San Angelo, Brownwood, Coleman, and surrounding areas that require city registrations. 
  • Pull permits and have jobs inspected upon completion.   Ensures the installation was preformed correctly, and provides proof for customers insurance. 
  • Perform heating and cooling requirement conditions.   Ensures the correct sizing for your home or business according to Wright Soft software.  This ensures your unit runs correctly, saves energy, extends the life of your system, and provides better comfort. 
  • Proper sized return air filter sized, return air duct and copper sizes.  This is also done according to manual J and Manual D Wright soft programs.  This is better for your unit, your performance, air flow, comfort and extends the systems life. 
  • We use a combination of drop cloths and shoe booties.  This helps protect your house and business to keep is clean.  Our work policy is to keep your work area clean and leave the area cleaner than when we found it.
  • We have combined $2 million dollar insurance.  You and your home/business are protected in the unlikely event of damage. 
  • All employees are covered by workman’s compensation. In the unlikely even an employee gets hurt on the job, they are covered. 
  • Drug free employees.  Employees are cleared to work in government, schools, homes and businesses so you do not have to work about someone being under the influence in your place.  Plus we do random drug test. 
  • Employee background checks. This ensures your safety and protects your family and investments.
  • Parts warranty. We offer five year parts warranty for residential HVAC units, up to one year for multifamily HVAC units (apartments, duplexes, rent houses, ect.) and up to one year on commercial HVAC/R units.  * This does not include acts of nature, acts of God, neglect, abuse or lack of maintenance.  Appliance parts warranty is determined by the manufacturer. All parts are subject to warranty claims fees; amount depending on the supplier. 
  • Labor warranty.  We offer a year labor warranty for residential single family dwelling, up to a year for multifamily warranty on multifamily units (apartments, duplexes, rent houses, ect.), and up to one year on commercial units.  * This does not include acts of nature, acts of God, neglect, abuse or lack of maintenance.